June 27, 2020 Somya Agarwal

A Guide For Successful And Effective Auto Detail Advertising & SEO

Enhance your business with effective auto detail advertising and advanced auto detailing SEO strategies. These tactics are crucial for generating more leads in the competitive car detailing industry. Takneeki specializes in optimizing your online presence, ensuring top-notch visibility and driving increased leads to your auto detailing services in local area. Elevate your business with Takneeki’s expertise.

All Detailing Simba provides auto detailing and full hand wash services in Marietta GA and Cobb County. When they started they needed help setting-up their web presence in the highly competitive market of Atlanta area. Our team of local SEO experts quickly determined that the auto detailing SEO needs a local presence on Google Maps and therefore started setting up an optimized Google My Business profile.

Cars are some of the most expensive possessions people own, so they aren’t going to trust just any auto detailing company to take care of their vehicles. A car wash business must establish a strong presence online and build a good reputation in the industry to gain a foothold. Car Wash shop and auto spa businesses benefit from a strong presence on Google Maps. Customers who are looking for such services, mostly search it on Google & Yelp.

When Parrot Pro Restore Auto Detailing came to us, we quickly started setting up an optimized Google My Business profile, making sure that the name, address, phone number, business hours, etc are accurate. This increased their car detailing and hand car wash business presence on Google considerably. This car detailing advertising lead to more traffic and leads within the first thirty days. Parrot Pro Restore Auto Detailing quickly became one of the best car detailing, hand car wash, and mobile detailing shop in Marietta GA.

As Google Ads management expert, we started PPC campaigns to improve visibility, and it worked. With the daily budget of just $10, the customer is getting around 15 clicks per day, and cost-per-click averages around $0.80.


We ran Google Ads with them last year, and this year as well we started again with them. We got value out of Ads, and Bhutan was responsive & offered best practices of running ads. Highly recommend him for ads & Google My Business.

Micheal Zeph - Owner of Parrot Pro Auto Spa, Marietta GA

Using Yelp for Generating Leads & Local SEO For Auto Detailing & Car Wash Business

Our experts also set up a profile for the business on Yelp. The client saw many leads coming from this platform. Within 30 days, they got more than 260 page-visits and 91 clear leads. The business received 55 messages, several phone calls, and people online accessed directions multiple times.

This engagement occurred within a month of building a strong local presence. The online reputation of the business will continue to grow and evolve as it stays on these platforms. We also recommended social media marketing services to help the shop gain prominence on platforms like Facebook. Being active on social media can help you get more reviews on platforms like Yelp or Google, as you can encourage people to provide feedback directly.

Why choose Takneeki for Auto Detailing Advertising and SEO?

  • We are locally available and can meet you at your business location
  • Transparent & affordable pricing
  • Regular updates on what was done and what was achieved.
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