January 29, 2020 Somya Agarwal

A Guide On How To Use Social Media For Small Business

Common question we have heard our clients asking us is- ‘How to use social media for small business like mine? Which platforms are beneficial for my business? Should I run ads on them?’ In this guide we will discuss which platforms are most suitable for what type of business. Also we will discuss whether your business should be spending on ads on these platforms.

Social Media is now everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat…the list goes on. All these are effective, if you know what people you want to send your ideas, ads and messages, and if you make a good and attracting content, you don’t even need the website.

Social Media Platforms Which are Useful For Small Business


It most common social media platform you will find people, business, NGOs and political groups using today. Takneeki, strongly suggests having a Facebook profile, no matter the size, nature or your services. Creating a business profile on Facebook is free. The key is to generate attractive images, content and posters to attract more people to learn about your business. For a small business, its an absolute must because most of their customers are local and Facebook provides certain level of informality to develop positive feeling for a small business. Ads on Facebook are less effective than Google or Yelp, yet you need them. By fine tuning them on daily basis, any small business can get good returns in a relatively short time.


This is a rapidly upcoming social media platform which is proving very beneficial for new and small businesses. The targeting can be very targeted and therefore yield better results than facebook. Instagram is not as crowded as other media platforms. It is very suitable for fashion, video, professional services advertisement.


It is suited for white-collar services and their advertisement. Unless the small business target such clientele, it is not recommended. There are very few businesses which will make any returns by running ads on this platform. It is also relatively costly to do marketing on this platform.


Not a social media, but a ubiquitous platform which is trusted by all the search engines including Google. It is must to have a business profile on this platform with complete and accurate information. When a user searches for services in Google, many times yelp pages are top-ranking results. It is relatively expensive to run marketing campaigns.

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Somya Agarwal has been a Senior Analyst in Delta Airlines and Lead Developer with AT&T. She has over six years of experience working in startups and Fortune 500 companies. Somya is a developer herself with hands-on experience in Java, Microservices, Kafka, and Cloud Computing technologies. She is also a SEO expert, web designer himself and Google AdWords expert. Somya lives in the Atlanta area with his family. She is passionate about helping small businesses and startups to stand on their feet in the internet market and at very reasonable prices.

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