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A Website has many qualities. It should be fast, beautiful, optimized for search engines & integrated with social media. All these features bring more visitors to a website.

Whether you are a new business or an established business in Dawsonville, GA. If you are looking to increase visitors, or more sales- look no further.

What does Takneeki mean? Takneeki is a word from the Sanskrit language, from where the English term technology is derived.

Web Design Services

Work with us in Dawsonville, Georgia, to build your new website. Or simply call for maintenance work on your existing website. We provide affordable website development & digital marketing services including social media marketing, suitable for any local business.

Our professional website designers are experts in creating a beautiful & modern website which are tailored per your business requirements. Whether you are looking for WordPress website designers or eCommerce website, we are well-versed with modern best practices of website building.

Web Design Services

We build beautiful & business specific websites. Our websites naturally rank on search engines like Google. Our website designers can convert your physical store into an online eCommerce store. We build eCommerce websites using WordPress, Shopify & Magento.

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SEO Services

As an established Dawsonville SEO agency, we’re able to meet you anywhere locally or stop by your office. We provide a 100% return on local SEO services. The website SEO and local SEO services will put your business on top with Google.

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Social Media Marketing

Social media for small businesses is a must. Takneeki builds your reputation on social media & maintains it. Whether its Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn- we make sure that your business is reached to as many potential customers as possible.

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