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Social media platforms have become an indispensable aspect of modern digital marketing campaigns. Just look at the statistics of popular networks; Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users, Instagram has over a billion, Twitter has 330 million, and LinkedIn 250 million. All of these platforms can help your brand gain more visibility and traction in the industry. Takneeki Web Design is a well-established social media marketing agency with vast experience in this field. We understand what makes different networks tick and develop tailored social media campaigns for our clients.

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Different social media platforms have different characteristics. Facebook is popular with the older demographic. Instagram is suitable for industries that rely on visual imagery and target millennials or Gen Z. Unsurprisingly, each of these platforms requires a different internet marketing approach. Here’s a look at how we handle it:

  • Identify Your Target Audience – Our team takes time to understand your target audience with the help of small and big data. We create an audience profile that can be used in marketing campaigns.
  • Developing Digital Marketing Strategy – Once we have all the required information about your target audience, industry, products, and competitors, our team develops a marketing strategy. There’s a different strategy for different platforms to ensure you get your money’s worth.
  • Monitoring – Social Media is highly dynamic, so regular monitoring is essential. Trends change, keywords lose their effectiveness, and people’s preferences evolve. Regular monitoring helps us keep your campaign up-to-date. Our Social Media experts take all of the data collected from PPC campaigns to enhance the social media presence.

We help you establish genuine connections with your target audience through effective campaigns. Through sophisticated online marketing, our experts will help increase your online following, get more page likes, and drive customers to your website to improve sales.

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As an experienced digital marketing agency, we keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. Our sustained research, in-depth study of analytics data, and diligent monitoring of current trends help create refined marketing campaigns. Our team uses proven SEO techniques like:

  • Backlinking
  • Content marketing
  • Keyword research
  • Technical website optimization
  • Off-site optimization
  • And much more…

Our team will tailor the campaign according to your requirements to strengthen your online presence. SEO strategies are an essential component of a digital marketing mix and must be used in combination with Social Media Marketing to achieve sustainable results. We will also keep an eye on the active strategies and tweak them as required to ensure they deliver good ROI consistently.

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Our dedication to the client’s success is apparent when you look at all the satisfied people in our Google reviews. Reputations rise and fall online at the drop of a hat. A single poorly-worded Tweet or a few bad reviews can set off a storm of condemnation. That’s why you need trustworthy social media marketing services to handle this aspect responsibly.

Consistency is the aspect that matters a great deal, and with us handling this job, you can be sure to create a consistent brand impact you want. For any more information about our SEO and Social Media Marketing Solutions, Send Us Some Details to get expert advice and professional assistance on social media marketing.

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