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[ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_source=”websafe” websafe_fonts=”georgia” font_size=”18″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ color=”#000000″]Every area has a unique business environment, and Toronto, Ontario is no different. Our web designers are experts at making websites that work for local businesses.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_source=”websafe” websafe_fonts=”georgia” font_size=”18″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ color=”#000000″]Our team of website developers handle everything from web design to social media marketing and SEO services. If you want to gain prominence in your industry and need some insider insight, we can help.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_source=”websafe” websafe_fonts=”georgia” font_size=”18″ letter_spacing=”0.03″]But, what does Takneeki mean? Takneeki is a word in Sanskrit language, from where the english term technology is derived.[/ut_custom_heading]
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[ut_custom_heading tag=”h2″ text_transform=”capitalize” font_weight=”bold”]The Most Affordable Web Design Company in Toronto, Ontario[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ text_transform=”none” font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]A website is the most valuable online asset of your business. It provides firsthand and accurate information to potential customers about your products & services. Our website designers are experts with vast experience in web design and development. As one of the leading website design company in Toronto, ON– we will make sure your site is fast, secure, and personalized.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ text_transform=”none” font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]As WordPress website design experts, we know how to create websites that will bring more customers. Whether you need a small business page or an E-commerce website, our team can help. Our E-commerce websites come with inventory management, payment integration, orders management, social media, and personalized experience for your customers. Built using Shopify & Magento, our eCommerce websites are fast, secure & complete.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”h2″ text_transform=”uppercase” font_weight=”bold”]Digital Marketing Services[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ color=”#000000″]Digital Marketing is necessary for maintaining an online presence of local & small businesses. If a website is the foundation of your business, then digital marketing makes it visible. You need PPC experts, Content Marketing, and SEO services in Toronto to stay ahead of the competition. Our experienced digital marketing experts have managed several campaigns and understand internet marketing. Our Digital Marketing Services in Toronto are:[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold”]SEO Agency[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]SEO is one of the most important digital marketing strategies in use today. It helps you feature prominently at the top of search engine results pages like Google. As an experienced SEO Agency, we are highly familiar with local SEO services in Toronto. Our professionals have worked with members of the local business community for years, and are familiar with their requirements. Contact us now for SEO services. We will help you set up a robust online presence with our local SEO services.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold”]Social Media Marketing Agency Toronto[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are a highly influential force. If you use it correctly, it can bring a lot of visibility and convert the audience to your customer. We can run organic and paid marketing campaigns on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Our social media experts know these platforms well and will tailor demographic-specific campaigns with guaranteed results.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”h3″ font_weight=”bold”]Pay-per-click (PPC) and Google AdWords expert[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]PPC is a paid marketing strategy that can help generate a lot of traffic to your website quickly. Google Ads or Ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social online platforms can be run in a targeted manner, to reach only the potential customer. We consider it one of the most critical aspects of our online marketing or internet marketing services in Smyrna because it brings instant visibility to businesses. As Google Adwords experts of Toronto, we conduct careful keyword research, create an optimized ad copy, run ads through A/B and multivariate testing, and keep an eye on every ad’s performance through analytics. Our approach ensures you get the best ROI from PPC.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”h2″ font_weight=”bold”]Content Marketing[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]As one of the upcoming website design company in Toronto, ON– we know just how relevant content is. Website content, blog posts, articles, press releases, etc., showcase a business’s authority in the field. We create optimized content for your website according to the latest industry standards. Our content creators ensure every piece is relevant, informative, and suitable for the local audience.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″]We also offer reputation management, email marketing, and other such digital marketing strategies. Our team will use various digital marketing techniques in the right measure to boost your online presence. If you’re looking for an experienced WordPress website designer in Toronto with experience in digital marketing, we can help.[/ut_custom_heading]
[ut_custom_heading tag=”h3″ font_size=”20″ font_weight=”600″ color=”#000000″]Lets’ Talk[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″ hover_color=”#1e73be”]We are locally based in the city of Toronto and can meet our web design & SEO services clients at their locations.[/ut_custom_heading][ut_custom_heading tag=”p” font_size=”16″ letter_spacing=”0.05″ font_weight=”normal” color=”#000000″ hover_color=”#1e73be”]Address:
455 Front St E N911
Toronto, ON M5A 0G2, Canada
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