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Affordable Monthly Website Maintenance Packages in Atlanta

Takneeki provides customized and comprehensive website maintenance services to help your business create that positive first impression. We offer affordable monthly plans for website maintenance so that your business can stand out by providing a secure, fast, and seamless online experience.

Every time someone does an online search, there is a 50% chance they will come across a new company or service. That could be your website too. The first impression is the key to growing your business. This makes website maintenance a critical aspect for any business.


Monthly Website Maintenance Packages

Our website maintenance plans are affordable and customizable. We can tailor-made the plans per your specific needs. Below are some of the most common website maintenance plans that we offer.


Housekeeping Plan

Keeps Your Website Fresh


No Commitment

Monthly Website Backups

Monthly Software Updates

Two Hours Of Small (15 mins) Tasks

Quarterly SEO Audit

2 Business Days or Less Turnaround

Small Business Plan

Grow Your Business


3-months Commitment

Monthly Website Backups

Weekly Software Updates

Three Hours Of Small (15 mins) Tasks

Monthly SEO Audit

1 Business Day Or Less Turnaround

Fix Broken Links

Powerpack Plan

Beat The Competition


3-months Commitment

Weekly Website Backups

Weekly Software Updates

5 Hours Of Small (15 mins) Tasks

Montly SEO Audit

1 Business Day or Less Turnaround

Fix Any Broken Links

Listings Management

Monthly Analytics Report

New Plug-ins Installation

Partner Plan

Full Website Maintenance


No Commitment

Weekly Website Backups

Weekly Software Updates

10 Hours of Small (15 mins) Tasks

Weekly SEO Audit

12 Hours & Realtime Turnaround

Fix Any Broken Links

Brand & Listings Management

Monthly Analytics Report

New Plug-ins Installation

Basic SEO

Unlimited Large (1 hour) Tasks

Customized Services Tailored To Your Business Needs

Our Support and Website Maintenance Services

Our website support and maintenance plans provide multiple layers of security required to protect against hacking attacks, ensuring your website is up-to-date, backed up, and regularly monitored. Besides, there are plans focused on helping you make the most of the following elements in achieving your business goals:

  • Your website
  • Enhanced SEO
  • Expanded Digital Footprint

With the right website maintenance services, you can avoid the stress of dealing with cyber-attacks, getting penalized, affecting your visitors, or complete loss.

What Does Atlanta Website Maintenance Services Include?

When you seek website maintenance near me, ensuring you get the following services is crucial. We offer four different packages that cover you on all these basics:

1. Regular Updates

The regular updates take place during normal business hours. Our experienced team of developers will ensure your website stays fully operational, accessible, and secure during this time. Some of the examples of the types of updates you may request to include:

  • Addition or removal of pages
  • Addition or removal of text
  • Addition, basic retouching, or deletion of photos
  • Addition or removal of PDF files and other documents
  • Basic navigational changes
  • Addition or removal of links
  • Changing or replacing colors or background images

This is not a complete list, and it is best to contact us to discuss your unique requirements.

2. Tech Support

You will also get our professional tech support when choosing one of our website maintenance packages. Our development team’s expertise means that your business will receive support in a wide range of challenges.

The turnaround times vary based on the plans. You may also submit consulting requests, and our experienced team can offer helpful insights.

3. WordPress Website Maintenance

A significant percentage of businesses use WordPress (WP) for their websites. This is why Takneeki offers unique WordPress website maintenance plans as well. Our web designers in Atlanta will handle your WordPress upgrades and security updates depending on the package.

4. SEO Audit

Websites may not perform well due to SEO issues relevant to installed modules, coding, and images. Our Atlanta SEO experts can help identify problems that keep your website from achieving its full potential in organic search.

Periodic Steps in Website Maintenance

All websites need regular website maintenance services. You should select a package that suits your budget and website needs. A typical website should receive the following services regularly:

Every Week

  • Check whether all the pages are loading without error
  • Updating website software and plugins
  • Running a backup and ensuring storage of the previous version
  • Ensuring proper running of all forms
  • Checking the pages don’t have any broken links
  • Searching for 404 errors and fixing/redirecting

Every Month

  • We check your website’s load speed
  • Reviewing security scans
  • Analyzing website statistics from the past month

Every Quarter

  • Checking images and graphics and exploring any need for updates
  • Reviewing SEO Web Design effectiveness
  • Testing and tweaking forms, popups, and CTAs

At Takneeki Web Design, our website maintenance packages start from just $99 per month. Our basic plan, Housekeeping, provides all the services required to maintain a standard business website. You can choose a plan that ideally suits your website’s unique profile and needs.

We suggest you look at the different website maintenance services plans that we offer and their respective prices. Our PowerPack and Partner plan also provides customized services. Feel free to contact us to discuss your website(s), business goals, expectations, and budget. We are confident that a plan can meet all your requirements and help you maintain your website’s security and competitive edge.

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We follow Google Webmaster’s Guidelines when implementing changes for website maintenance. We provide website maintenance services around Atlanta GA, but we work with clients all over the U.S.