Website Speed Optimization Services

WordPress Speed Optimization Expert

We have optimized thousands of websites over the past decade and can implement strategies to make your website load faster while addressing all the key KPIs for success.

Our WordPress optimization services help our clients address their slow website speeds, improve Google PageSpeed Insights scores, fix Core Web Vitals problems, and much more.

Why Website Speed is so Important?

Site speed is important to your target audience because faster websites are more efficient and deliver a far greater on-page user experience (UX). According to the latest Kissmetrics report, any page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load is likely to send away 25% of its users to another search result. A high bounce rate is not good for your website and business.

Both desktop and mobile users expect quick site load speeds. Studies also show that 73% of users came across websites that loaded with slow speeds. Conversion rate is also an important web metric and site speed affects it too. For example, COOK increased its conversion rate by 7% by reducing its average load time by 0.85 s. The brand’s website also experienced a significant decline in its bounce rate.

Site speed is also an important factor for search engine optimization (SEO). It is perhaps the purest SEO factor out there, as addressing website loading times improve user experience, search rankings, and conversion rate. Our Website speed service can help bring all these factors together to influence your website’s SEO.

What is a Good Site Load Speed?

At Takneeki Web Design, we would say that 3 seconds or less is a good site load time. The fact is that it is difficult to answer this question. The optimal website speed depends on many factors including the type of website, the type of page, and the way you are measuring site speed.

It is also important to realize that your visitors don’t necessarily need to wait for the entire page to load to be able to use your website. Many times, it is the time taken to load the first bits of content (FCP) or the time to interactive (TTI) that matters more.

Our Website Speed Optimization Services

Website speed can be a determining factor in pushing your site ahead of your competition in search rankings. A faster loading website can help set your business apart from others while sending a message to your visitors that you value their time.

Our Website Speed optimization service will help your website load fast (under 2 seconds), successfully address Core Web Vitals, deliver a better user experience, and rank higher- SEO. Some of the critical aspects of our site optimization services include:

  • Free Website Audit.
  • Image compression and optimization.
  • Elaborate recommendations and action plan before implementation.
  • Full Website Code Optimization & Removing Unused Code.
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization.
  • SEO Best Practices.
  • Periodic Core Web Vitals Reports.
  • Remove Unused Plug-ins

Our Website Speed optimization services are focused on improving multiple site speed metrics and timings that include:

  • TTFB
  • DNS resolution speed
  • LCP timing
  • FCP timing
  • Page weight
  • Load time or document complete time

And the conventional fully loaded time metric.

Server response time is also an important metric in Page speed optimization service. It measures the time it takes to load the essential HTML to start rendering the page from the server. It may also be required to improve server response time, with some of the most effective steps being:

  • Using reliable & fast hosting services
  • Optimizing databases
  • Using a CDN
  • Configuring caching

If required, additional steps may need to be taken in the areas of HTTP request, image files, and HTML coding.

Faster website speed translates into much more than just improved search rankings. It also means your visitors will spend more time on your website and there will be lesser chances of them bouncing to competitor sites. An increase in leads and conversions further translates into increased revenues. If website speed is a concern for you and you are looking for a WordPress speed optimization expert, feel free to contact us at Takneeki Web Design or write to us.